About this blog

Traduint des de Calella (Translating from Calella) is born with the purpose of offering content related with the world of translation in Catalan. A resource for those interested in this topic, whether they are translation professionals or just aficionados, still students or already graduated, Catalan or foreigners.

And why des de Calella?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Anna Rosich Soler and I am from Calella (a small city close to Barcelona). I was born the night of a 23rd of February and, after years of study and passion for the English and Catalan languages (and for the German language since some years ago), by the time I finished high school I decided that translation was that in which I was willing to train and specialize myself. So, on 2008 I started my adventure at Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona. There, I could get to know new translation fields and I started to be conscious of the magnitude of this world. I also started to understand what translation actually meant, and I could confirm that that was what I wanted to do for a job. Yes, I wanted to become a translator. Four years of hard work and pursuance let me graduate in Translation and Interpreting on 2012.

Now, a year later and with a little bit of experience, but also with a document that certifies my situation of unemployment, I think that the time of starting my carreer as a freelance translator has come. That’s also why I decided to start this blog. To make known what I do, my job and the translation services that I offer. At the same time, I will publish all kind of content related to the translation world and other related topics, all in Catalan.

I hope that you enjoy the blog and that you find it of your interest… and that you come back to visit it! If you have any doubt, suggestion or query, do not hesitate to contact me or to leave a comment in any of the blog posts. You can also contact me directly (more info on how to do it at Contacte). And, if you want to be up-to-date about all the new posts, do not forget to subscribe to the blog to receive email notifications when new content is published.

Thank you for your confidence!


(September, 2013)


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